maandag 23 februari 2009

Flying Ribbons

Now it is vacation for me in Belgium.
Emma is skiing(is this the correct word?) in France, so she isn't avaible to write things for the blog. And I miss miss miss her.
This week, the only posts will be mine.
In one of my previous posts I told you that in the Chinese academy we had to dance with ribbons.
Here are some pictures.

Some inspiration :

And 3 songs were I currently listen to:

The smiths - Asleep

The All-American Rejects - Gives you hell

Laura Marling - Ghosts


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  1. Hello Sofie,

    So wonderful to hear from you. Not really, I do not truly remember you but I am still happy you returned the comment I left you apparently long ago, which is so kind of you to do so.

    Yes indeed, it is quite nice when someone makes you feel special by doing something unexpected that is nice.

    Oh I am so happy you like Henry the SuperDino. So embarrassed was he, and so afraid you guys would not, but well I am glad. A Lego? Hehe I guess.

    Already I have followed the evidence and it led me to a wonderful little blog, so yes, I have checked it out and here I am now obviously, couldn’t comment otherwise.

    Must say that it is quite rare for me to be absent from blogging as I was… I am actually very active and always commenting and posting but homework and volunteering are killing me so I must ask you to excuse me for the delay with the reply to your wonderful comment.

    Length never matters, but rather the fact that you took time out to come and read, and were kind enough to comment. That makes me smile and there is no need to comment as long others do, but I warn you, I tend to ramble on comments and posts….just so you know.

    Anyways, thank you so very much for your lovely comment and hopefully you and your friend will have wonderful posts coming up. Though I wish to go and check out your posts, life has me busy busy busy so I am unable to do so at the present moment.

    Nah… I will comment because you were kind enough to do so for me. First off, how wonderful to hear of your vacations in Belgium, which I hope you have a magnificent time there.

    The clothes in the Chinese academy pictures are simply beautiful. How gorgeous the colors are, with the gold popping out and the ribbons. How cool that is. Is it a class that you take, Chinese dances with ribbons, or just a onetime thing for fun? Either way, much fun it must have been or so it seems.

    Are you the one in the third picture and also in the fourth? The earrings in the third picture’s girl are unique and so out there, they are lovely.

    Though I may or may have not heard of the Smiths, I thank you for introducing me to them. Already I have been in love with Laura Marling and her wonders which are called songs, but yes, she is fantastic and I am glad to know there are others out there who listen to her too.

    Also, the American Rejects are quite a hit here in USA, maybe were you live they haven’t... The video is quite funny and though I knew the song I had no idea how funny they are.

    Oh and hello, though probably will go unseen, to Emily and have a nice trip too.

    Have an amazing week filled with smiles and happiness.