woensdag 29 juli 2009

Coin laundry

Yes, I'm sorry, the photo's of 'De gentse feesten' have to wait. First I had to upload these pictures.
I also discovered a song of Lisa Mitchell, Coin Laundry. And I really adore it. It's just so sweet.

zondag 19 juli 2009

Summer breeze

Soon I'll post something about this weekend. I went to the 'Gentse feesten', it's a huge event in Belgium.
Source: unknown

zaterdag 11 juli 2009


So, the day before yesterday, I went with some friends to Walibi, sort of a 'fun park', I don't know the English word.
It was really fun, and at the end of the day, we were trying to get home, but had lots of trouble with the train.
But the day was awesome.

vrijdag 10 juli 2009

Rose petals

Tomorrow, I'll post some photo's of yesterday,
we went to Walibi.

maandag 6 juli 2009

Sewing machines

As you have noticed, Emma is gone for a while, and will be back next month.
But I'm still here to entertain you(;

So, a couple of weeks ago, I ordered a dress at Suze's blog (see here), and I received it a couple of days ago. It's a winter/autumn dress, I like it.
And it was the first time I really received something I've ordered, so I was really enthusiastic.

I really like to travel, especially to places where the nature is overwelming.
I've always wanted to travel the way Emma do, with a backpack and nothing more.
But my parents are those types who travel with a lot of luxery...
This picture was from last year, France.

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos


zaterdag 4 juli 2009


Hi girls

Emma again, here a post about the fact that I'll be gone for 4 weeks.
I'm going to Vietnam,Laos and Cambodia...Really exciting!
I don't have much to say right now, but when I'm home again I'm sure I'll have lots of blog-talk and also pretty photos.
I'll post some photos about the most famous things I will see

Hope you all have a really awesome summer!

Em x

vrijdag 3 juli 2009

Fishy post

Hi girls,

I know it’s been a while but exams keeps a girl busy…

When summer started here… the sun made everyone happy.

Especially me and my sister. We love summer we always get a surf feeling…

You know… sand on your feet, sun in your neck and everywhere flowers.

My sister made a little braid in my hear with a pearl as you can see on the photo.

I looove pearlsJ She also made earring out of a goldfish for me. It’s awesome ^^

So my vacation started really good, how started yours?