zaterdag 29 augustus 2009


Part 1(more information later)
Seaside-The Kooks

donderdag 27 augustus 2009

You,me, in Prague.

So, Since a week I'm back from Prague, it's really a beautiful city!
Here are some pics of the first part of my holiday there.

zondag 23 augustus 2009

When I can't sleep

Hi girls,

It has been a few days that I can't sleep at a normal hour.
Like yesterday evenig I finally got tired at half past 6 (am) !
And when I can't sleep I get borred...
So I experimented with some make-up, 'cause I wanted smokey eyes
I didn't really go okay, but for a first time it's quite good..
So make-up try outs is one of the many things I do when I'm borred at night
I also watch movies or tv-shows
Sofie and I are watching everynight gossip girl... Oh how I love those clothes
Well I'll see you soon again!


zaterdag 22 augustus 2009

3&4 Vietnam and Laos

Hi girls, me again..
I know it has been quite a while buit I'm a busy bee
I'll update you soon about the things that kept me away from the blog.
But first the two last countries that I visited this summer : Vietnam and Laos
I'm going to publish 7 pictures.. The first 3 were taken in Vietnam the 4 other ones were taken in Laos.
Vietnam is a lovely country but I prefer Laos.
So girls if you're ever going on a trip to one of these countries you can always ask some info,
I'll be happy to help :)

see you soon,


dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

2 Cambodia

Hello again,
So this is country 2
I was one week in Siem Reap (Angkor...) after that we went to the capital city : phnom penh
The week in Siem Reap was amazing! Angkor is a place were temples were built hundred and hundred years ago.
So now it's really beautiful to visit these ancient tempels.
It really took my breath away.


vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

1 Thailand

Hi girls,
As you can see; I'm back in town ready for some blog-action.
In my goodbye-post I forgot to mention that I also would stay some days in Thailand.
Actually, my first days were there so my holiday-report begins in Thailand.

The 5th of July I stepped on a plane in Paris and flew to Bangkok.
We stayed there 3 days so in a hurry we visited some thai-stuff.
Eenjoy the little selection of photographes I made. (;


woensdag 5 augustus 2009


So this afternoon at 3 o'clock I'm leaving for Prague. I'm gone for 1week.
Love, Sofie