zondag 25 januari 2009


(this photo my dad drawn in China 2007)

it's sofie.
Friday after school,I made my chinese homework, so that evening I could go together with
Emma to a friends house to ate spaghetti and watched Saw1, The spartans and some episodes of 'In de gloria'. It was fun.
Saturday I went to the Chinese school,
there we learned a chinese dance with ribbons. A bit stupid.
We learned that dance because monday it is chinese newyear.
After Chinese school, I went to Jeroen, and ate there steak with fries.
So today, I'm gonna make my homework.
Watch tv, cause I saw in the newspaper that 'Joan of Arcadia' is back on tv.
And further, I've no idea.
We'll see.

So have all a nice sunday!

And I want these boots!

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