woensdag 28 januari 2009

The first Emma thought.

Hi, I'm Emma.
I'm the second pink thought, and I think it's time that you all get to know me.
Sofie has already put much messages on our Blog, so I feel a bit guilty...
The thing is... I don't really know what to say..
So I'll tell you something about Saturday...

I went shopping in Ghent with my sister all morning long.
We bought matching pyjama's! As you can see on the photo, they're really cute...
I also bought fake Uggs, 'fuggs', because in a couple of weeks I'm going on a snow holiday.

In the afternoon we went to a friend, called J.
He just moved in a new apartment , which we designed.
It's very boy-ish : blue, grey, black but he has a wall that only exist of window.
So in the evening we had a really nice view.
When we arrived there, we saw that he made us lunch... Oh he's really sweet.. but he's 26 and doesn't have a girlfriend...
So my sister and I decided that he has to do something impulsive.
We shaved his hair .... It's really cool now... He has a mohawk.
I'll upload some photo's about our hairy afternoon.
When my sister and i said goodbye and went to our home, I got a text message from two boys.
S. and Jo.( I give him the name Jo. cause otherwise their would be two J.'s)
Those two are best friends and also my best male friends. (yeah Sofie, you're my best female friend^^)
In that text message they asked if I was at home, cause they we're in my street...
I told them that was in Ghent, but I promised to hang out that evening.
I came home, took all my warm clothes and I went outside.
Brrrrr! It was freezing! Fortunately I had my mittens with me.
We went to a night shop and bought some food and booze.
njam njam ...
the booze : 'Smirnoff ice' is so delicious.
So my night existed of walking around with a bottle in my hand,
eating unhealthy food and gossiping about everything and everyone.

Well,this was my first message on our blog; and I hope we'll get some reactions.


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